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Increase Sales with a Sonic Logo

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Sound is the second most memorable sense, after smell. Is your company/brand/video taking advantage of this, or focusing solely on the visuals?
Using sound in your media, whether it's a 2-second logo, a jingle or a film score, will set the tone for your consumers and viewers in addition to communicating a very powerful message to them: that you know what they want and can provide it.
How the heck is that possible? Especially in 2 seconds?
Working with someone who creates sonic logos is easier than you may think... in fact, I'll cover it in 12 minutes!
Getting clear on your auditory identity is just as important as your visual identity as a brand and is a powerful way to establish the following:
1) Memorability: They will remember you when heard again, and brand familiarity translates to sales.
2) Your Message: What do you want to express?
3) Emotion: You can tell customers how to feel while at the same time defining your brand.



Cheryl Engelhardt


CBE Music

Cheryl is a composer, singer/songwriter, speaker and author. She has composed for the moving image since the age 5 when she would play the piano while watching cartoons on mute. Today, using extensive musical composition training and serious tech chops, Cheryl creates music solutions for TV, ads, documentaries, full-length and short films and any innovative project.

Cheryl has scored dozens of independent films and documentaries, and has created sonic branding solutions for many companies and products including Ziploc, Lowes, Lysol, Bristol Meyers, Tena, Starbucks, Carlo Rossi Wine, Avon, Time Inc, E-bay, CollegeHumor.com.

Cheryl strongly believes in the importance of music in branding and how to make it workable for anyone so that her clients feel heard and leave a project satisfied that the music contributed to their brand to make a bigger difference for their consumers, clients and viewers.

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