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Science of Weird: Why Weirdos Outperform Normals

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As kids, we are taught to be normal. To just fit in. Pay attention in school and don't draw too much attention. Dress appropriately. Mind your manners. Attend a good school. Be a productive, normal citizen. Get married. Become a partner. Have 2.5 kids. Retire, we are told.
And then we enter the real world and learn, that normal is boring. Normal is blah. You don't want to be blah. Blah is boring. Boring people are forgettable.
In order to succeed as a person - and business or a brand - you can't be normal. You need to stick out. You need to be different. You need to differentiate. If you're normal, you'll be forgotten.
Come hear Salesforce Marketing Cloud CMO and Buddy Media Founder, Michael Lazerow share his journey as he makes an argument for why we should not strive to fit in but to stick out. Join Mike as he celebrates all that is weird and outlines, for the first time ever, a five-step process to embrace weird to reach new personal and professional heights.



Michael Lazerow



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