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Humans Matter Most in CyberSecurity, Not Firewalls

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Cyber security harkens to mind the hardening of networks, the deployment of code, and the fast typing fingers of armies of hackers and anti-hackers, all mixed into a war-like ecosystem of digital penetration and defense. What most people forget, however, is that there is a critical vulnerability to any cyber security plan, network or software architecture that can never be 100% secured: the human being.
This panel will explore the human domain in cyber security by discussing how humans hack other humans to penetrate a network. Panelists will compare principles of social engineering, digital influence, and the tradecraft employed by different adversarial entities to penetrate networks both social and hardware-based. Panelists will also discuss why adversaries attack organizations and humans using social engineering. Finally, panelists will offer recommendations for securing humans against socially engineered cyber attacks.



Chris Hadnagy

Founder & CEO

Social-Engineer Inc

Chris Hadnagy, is the Chief Human Hacker of Social-Engineer, Inc. He specializes in understanding the ways in which malicious attackers are able to exploit human weaknesses. He has been in security and technology for over 16 years.
Chris is a graduate of Dr. Paul Ekman’s courses in Microexpressions, having passed the certifcation requirements with an “Expert Level” grade.
Chris has written a number of articles for numerous publications. In addition, he is the author of the best-selling book, Social Engineering: The Art of Human Hacking.
Chris has developed one of the web’s most successful security podcasts, The Social-Engineer.Org Podcast and also the SEORG Newsletter. Over the years, both have become a staple in most serious security practices to educate their staff.
Finally, Chris has launched a line of professional SE training and pentesting services and may be reached at www.social-engineer.org, www.social-engineer.com or on twitter as @humanhacker and @socengineerinc.


Chris Dufour


White Canvas Group

Chris Dufour is a preeminent expert in employing digital strategy and technologies for defense, intelligence, and diplomacy. A founding member of what is now known as the Joint IED Defeat Organization, Chris piloted studies in web-based data gathering and sense-making to detect online criminal networks. As a program manager in irregular warfare, Chris managed the R&D portfolio for strategic communications, public diplomacy support, information operations, and PSYOP at the Combating Terrorism Technical Support Office. He has advised, lead, and participated in several studies of social networking phenomena for government, academia, and industry. He has designed social media marketing strategies for small and large businesses, and he has written every type of web content from blog post to video game script. Chris is a noted industry speaker on digital influence, brandjacking, cybersecurity, and social media.

Presently, "Du4" (as he is known on Twitter) is a Director for the White Canvas Group, where he currently manages social media strategy and training projects for the US Special Forces community. He has trained thousands of people in creative uses of social media and consults often about digital futures.


Jon Iadonisi


White Canvas Group

Jon Iadonisi is the founder of White Canvas Group, a tech incubator company that creates alternative and disruptive technology-based solutions. He has spent the past fifteen years applying innovative computer science coupled with cutting edge scholarship to solve complex problems on a global scale. He has been instrumental in the development of several innovations that have been brought to commercial market, including GridMeNow, a real-time situational awareness tool, xCel, a human performance enhancement system, and SEcureCog a holistic approach for decoding cyber threats unfolding worldwide. Organizations implementing these solutions include US Homeland Security, US Special Operations Command, Numerous international Fortune 500 corporations and non-profit organizations.
Prior to joining the private sector, Jon served as a Navy SEAL, where he designed, planned, and led various combat operations that integrated innovative technologies and tactics into the operating environment, ultimately creating new capabilities for the Special Operations Community and Central Intelligence Agency. He is a combat-wounded and decorated veteran who earned a B.S. in Computer Science from the US Naval Academy, and M.S. in Homeland Security from San Diego State University, currently a PhD candidate at the University of New Haven, where his focus is cyber crime. He was a guest lecturer at Georgetown Law School and San Diego State University, where he is an adjunct faculty member. He’s also an academic and athletic All-American who participated in the 2000 Olympic Rifle team trials.


Nicole Tatrow

Founder & CEO

Virtuosi Group

Nicole is the Founder & CEO of Virtuosi Group, a services and technology startup, where she provides consulting and advisory to both Fortune 500 and industry vendor companies. Nicole also initiated the inception of Virtuosi Group's flagship technology offering, MyVirtuosi, an industry intelligence collaboration platform for trusted industry practitioners. Nicole brings more than 20 years of experience in strategic business development, industry networking, product development and product marketing, with over 10 years focused in the information security industry.

Nicole's research has focused on the requirements, benefits, and areas of concern in building and connecting a vast network of industry technology and services providers and buyers, partners and researchers together in the digital space. Currently, Nicole is designing cutting-edge technologies to advance new capabilities for professional networking with layers of trust and reputation indicators, collaboration, and knowledge.

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