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Love, Noted


Two young men pursue the same girl and try to find a way to her heart. They make a bet to find a way to get her to go out with either of them, without speaking to her. What they find, is a creative way to leave messages to her, but she never sees them. The result, is that in the process of competing for the same girl, another guy comes in and does what they should have done in the first place; just talk to her face to face.

Director: Xander McCabe, Jasmine Hashemi

Producer: Tim Graham, Walker Schmidt

Screenwriter: Jasmine Hashemi, Alexander McCabe

Cinematographer: Alexander McCabe

Editor: Alexander McCabe, Jasmine Hashemi

Principal Cast: Tim Graham, Walker Schmidt, Alexander McCabe, Jasmine Hashemi

Xander McCabe loves making movies and has been doing so to express his passion in art.

Jasmine Hashemi has a passion for film and music. She loves directing, producing, writing, editing. She enjoys singing and playing music.


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