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Cowboys Janken Ook


Sven and Gijs are best mates. They do absolutely everything together, whether going clubbing or mucking about or simply pondering life. Their intimacy is such that one of them can even stroll blithely into a room where the other is having sex. In ten years’ time they plan to have travelled the length and breadth of South America on motorbikes. But all at once everything changes: Sven gets involved in a fight one night, Gijs tries to intervene and sustains a blow to the head which sends him into a coma. There’s no knowing if he’ll pull through and their friendship is tested to the limits.

Director: Mees Peijnenburg

Executive Producer: Layla Meijman

Producer: Layla Meijman,

Screenwriter: Merinde Verbeek

Cinematographer: Stephan Polman

Editor: Imre Reutelingsperger

Production Designer: Tim Balk

Sound Designer: Taco Drijfhout

Music: Robin Assen

Additional Credits: Line producer: Lotte Bronshoff, Line producer: Paul Overste, Gaffer: Benjamin Sparschuh, Art Direction: Nelli Bodt, Costumes: Maxa van Panhuis, Vita Mees

Principal Cast: Ko Zandvliet 
, Jonas Smulders


From the moment Mees (1989) began high school he was making short films, skate videos, and documentaries. He studied at a Danish film school and one year later he got accepted to the Netherlands Film Academy, specializing in directing. His creative style experiments with different narrative forms with a distinct visual style.

Distributor: Some Shorts: Wouter Jansen

Public Film Contact
Wouter Jansen
Some Shorts
+31 622076717


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