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Runway Bella


A native of the turbulent Southside of Chicago, Latonya Sampson “Runway Bella”, is a young lady who is determined to share her story through music. From her fresh image to her soulful sound, the 21 year old artist presents herself as one of the most promising female rapper upstarts in the game. Through her debut mixtape, “Runway Project: The Introduction” (Feb ’13), one can take a closer glimpse into the everyday struggles of inner-city life from the special perspective of a strong woman. Runway Bella finds inspiration from her father who has been a pillar in her musical growth. She aims to appeal to young women, especially, with the intent to empower them to overcome adversity. Honing her craft as a writer and emcee, Runway Bella, is on her way to garnering a name for herself as one of the First Ladies of Hip-Hop!