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Complete Was Formed by Curt, Mark, Todd & Peter.
They started out with the want and drive to be one of the best bands to ever play in front of a live audience.
They sadly broke up a few years after forming and were thought to never perform again.
Years after the infamous Youtube videos ....
Curt & Peter had reformed Complete and were getting gigs and a fan came up to them and asked about the Youtube videos,
Curt & Peter had never seen them. That night Curt & Peter went home to discover dozens of videos, blogs, & sites dedicated to Complete that had hundreds of thousands of views,
including a Complete behind the music mockumentary which blasted Complete as one of the worst bands ever.
Complete took the videos to heart and recorded new music in a studio and released 6 new songs via Myspace.
They have grown a huge cult following online and have over 35,000 plays on their Myspace playlist and over 150,000 views on their combined fan page & official page, including millions of total views on the Complete Youtube videos.
Curt & Peter added "Helix" to the lineup as their new drummer and have been unstoppable ever since. They have played at SXSW 4 years running and have a slew of upcoming events in 2013.