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Tulsa is the world´s capital of petroleum but it is also the world´s capital of the lack of love and/or affection. Tha band, having as front woman Miren Iza proved with their previous album "Solo me has rozado" (Subterfuge 2007) how you can extract musical gold from the well of disillusion and discourage. Now  after being nominated to the Grammy awards in 2008 with this album, they come back again to demonstrate it with their new album "Espera la Pálida", and still with a better and bigger eloquence.
They still stick to the American sounds in their more alternative feature, but they move over rock, country and mid west pop, with some honest spanish lyrics, even though she used to write in english. "I would only write in english again if i would fall in love with an american guy, he would take me to live to Wichita and after 20 years living there in our caravan, i would feel the desperate need to comunicate with my neightbours" says Miren in a letter.
Certainly "Espera la pálida" could have been named "Solo me has rozado, the revenge" bu the truth is that this album is a different beast, a more calmed one and at the same time a more wild one, if this makes any sense. Yes it does: because her strenght lies in her calm bitterness and in the gentleness of that detail.
This album was produced by Karlos Osinaga (Lisabo) who seems to have inspired the band to eliminate all the superfluous parts, and to concetrate in the essence of sound and feelings...recording live - and without shaking to many sounds, saving the voice - in order to capture the real pulse of truth. We could compare it with South San Gabriel, but it is maybe better to talk about Centro-Matic, because of the album´s more naturalized sound.
Lyrics talk about the end and lack of love, of course...Tulsa it´s about this, she is the mecca of the broken hearts. "Something inside of has broken/has broken like a nut/ I had asked this not to happen to you and me", sings Miren in her song "Something has changed for ever"... the efects of her music are painfull at the same time that they are a pleasure...we talk about music for sinking drugadicts. Still there is also a lot of capitulation, of admitting the concept of "consequence", stops and reflection before starting a new series of catastrophic (or inspiring, depends on the point of view) unhappiness.
You can definitively see a new maturity in the band.... The end of the CD is near -better in vynil, digital or as the Nick Cave´s style- so with the last stop, you can feel how your wounds start to heel.
Recently Tulsa has been nominated to the Spain´s national music awards as the best alternative pop album
“The Pale waits”: repairs and protects.

Tulsa, “Algo ha cambiado para siempre”:
Tulsa, “Matxitxako”:
Enrique Bunbury y Miren Iza (Tulsa), “Frente a frente”: