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the mornings


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junya kishino (gt/vo)
keika kishino (dr/cho)
shimpei watanabe (vo/syn)
shingo nakagawa (ba/cho)
the mornings are Tokyo based 4 piece Avant-hardcore band. Formed in 2003 by university colleagues,
their musical style has shifted from their early years as Math Rock, Post hardcore, Dub influence, to more
no/new wave, minimal and experimental approach. Their current sound can be characterized as blend
of meticulous discordant sound ensemble of complex guitar, harsh rave synth, hip-hop like vocals and
irregular time measure rhythm section, while always maintaining strong pop sensibility.
Starting their career in live venues of Tokyo, the band accomplished to self-release several demo CDRs
and official CDs.
● 2007-MAR 1st Official press EP: NENG NENG
● 2008-SEP Split Album:ARTLESSNOTE+the mornings
● 2011-JAN 1st Full length Album: SAVE THE MORNINGS!
With the release of their 1st Album “SAVE THE MORNINGS!”, the mornings begin to gain media attention
in the Japanese music scene and has been continuously widening their activity throughout Japan.
Reflecting their eclectic musical taste, over the years the mornings has become recognized as a band that
shares stages with a wide variety of acts, from indie/alternative scenes to idols, to club musicians to hiphop
acts. Not only have they actively hosted and support organizing mixed genre events, they have also
been asked to provide music to various compilation albums. Their music can be found in “TOKYO NEW
WAVE” compiled by Victor Entertainment, Official punk rock legend Dead Kennedy Tribute Album “Get
Drunk More Fuck" compiled by VOID COMMUNITY, one of Japan’s most promising and leading Hip-hop/
track maker Label SUBENOANA’s compilation “Hello vol.2” and more.
the mornings have share stages with:
MELT-BANANA/ Green Milk From The Planet Orange/ Qomolangma Tomato/ MASS OF THE
ECD/ Rhymeberry/ optrum/ ULTRA BIDE/
the mornings have also supported the following band’s Japan Tour:
TOUMING MAGAZINE(EMI Music Japan/ from Taiwan)
SLUGGUTS(from Australia)

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