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Cello Fury


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Cello Fury is a rarity in the music world: three classically trained cellists and a rock drummer performing high-energy original music in venues ranging from concert halls to rock clubs. Appealing to a wide audience across age groups and musical interests sets Cello Fury apart from your average rock band. Continually developing their own unique style of cello rock music, cellists Simon Cummings, Ben Muñoz and Nicole Myers unleash vitality and rhythmic drive in their music and dare to venture past classical expectations. The band's collective experiences have allowed them to perform on radio and television, in rock clubs, concert halls, and music festivals throughout the United States, performing for audiences as large as 67,000 throughout 23 states and abroad. Cello Fury's self-titled album of original music was released in 2011 along with a trilogy of music videos, with a second album of original music scheduled to be released in April 2013.

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