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Martin Buscaglia


Listen to Cerebro, orgasmo, envidia, sofía

"Como si Caetano hubiese nacido anteayer y David Byrne fuera latino de verdad" Jaume R. Salas (El País, España)

“Martin shared stage with Caetano Veloso, Charly García, Luis Alberto Spinetta, Arnaldo Antunes, Kiko Veneno, Fito Paéz y Jorge Drexler”…

One of the most complete and avant-garde music scene of Latin America artists

Magical groovero, friendly and experimental, the creator of playful uruguayismo stops at the Antipodes of the harmful noise and is shipped with a lush album.

"Candombe-funk to the small perfect songs bound Classics (Ode to my bike, strange pumpkin), Buscaglia built an exciting story musical, intense and unpredictable". ROLLING STONE, "the 50 albums of 2010."

BUSCAGLIA has recorded with artists like Arnaldo Antunes, Juana Molina, Kiko Veneno, Hugo Fattorusso, Ruben Rada and played also with musicians like Fito Paéz and Jorge Drexler as he acted as "host" in the shows in Uruguay of people like Maceo Parker, Caetano Veloso, Luis Alberto Spinetta, Charly García and Paul Mc Cartney.

He composed for theatre, for Carnival, played Salsa bass on cruises of the Caribbean and he has collaborated as musician and producer with countless artists.

The Uruguayan singer-songwriter is almost a living myth... In Uruguay, Martin Buscaglia is considered a talent in the rough, an accomplished multi-instrumentalist and an author of as original as well elaborate songs. What was missing then to begin to devote themselves beyond their country's borders? Missing a disk as “Temporada de conejos”... a disk that you need to hear from end to end: is a choral work, in which the candombe converses with jazz, bossanova with author's song, rock with African rhythms. To not let it pass: educates and entertains. Zona de Obras, Spain.

"Few things around at the moment come close to sounding as funky as this new album from Uruguayan singer and songwriter Martin Buscaglia. Full of live instruments and Buscaglia’s soulful Spanish vocals, this will be a real revelation for anyone who appreciates everything from Prince to Gilberto Gil. Buscaglia flits brilliantly between styles but it’s when Buscaglia has his funky cap on that he really excels, like on the tight grooving “Spam” or the reggae-spirited “Si No Esta Roto No Lo Arregles”. There’s so much glorious variety on this album that it’s almost impossible to categorise it, but it’s a real treat from start to end and definitely deserves to be given some serious listening time." Oliver Keens, JunoPLus, UK.


• Winner of the Award Graffiti “ Best Solo Artist(Uruguay) 2007 ”
• Nominated to the Gardel Awards 2007 as Best Male Pop Artist.
• The song "Vagabundo" part of his 2006 “El evangelio..” is included in a Putumayo compilation, along with artists such as Orishas and Bebe.
• Release of a special vinyl edition of " Cerebro, Orgasmo, Envidia y Sofía" – including 2 re-mixes by the Swedish producers SUMO and the Scottish Boogie Corporation.
• Collaboration with the group " Cara de Fuego " in Malaga, Spain.
• Invited to take part in the homage album for the mythical Brazilian band "Os Mutantes”.
• "El Evangelio según mi jardinero" listed Nº 9 among top 50 albums of 2009 by Rolling Stone Magazine(Argentina).
• “El Evangelio Según mi jardinero” was selected among the top 10 records of the 2000s in Uruguay by Fabián Muro of “El País”.
• “Temporada de Conejos” was selected by Sebastián Auyanet of “El País” in Uruguay as one of top five CDs of 2009.
• The track “Cerebro, Orgasmo, Envidia y Sofía” of “El Evangelio Según mi Jardinero” makes it to the soundtrack of NEXT DAY AIR a “black power” comedy starred by Donald Faison and the rapper Mos Def and directed by Benny Boom.

Llevenlé (1997)
Plácido Domingo (2000)
Ir y volver e ir (2004)
El Evangelio según mi jardinero (2006)
Temporada de Conejos (2010)