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Connected for Reconstruction

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Disasters do not discriminate. In 2010 a massive earthquake ravaged the urban fabric of Port au Prince; in 2011 rural fishing villages were flattened by a tsunami in Northern Japan and in 2012 one of the greatest cities in the world was brought to its' knees by superstorm Sandy.

Architecture for Humanity, an international architecture and construction non profit, mobilized hundreds of building professionals to help rebuild these affected regions - simultaneously. Using an open source project management system, developed via the 2006 TED Prize, the organization was able to help rebuild resilient structures for the lives of tens of thousands.

Co-Founder and TED prize winner Cameron Sinclair takes you on a journey of how to set up, manage and coordinate a reconstruction effort powered by innovation and creativity and implemented by long term commitment to affected communities.



Cameron Sinclair Chief Eternal Optimist Architecture for Humanity