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Listen to Boyz Life

Apache is coming on strong as Omar "Apache" Hernandez commands his Guitar Army. Three shredders deep and a thunderous rhythm section, Apache weaves together a sound known as "Tomahawk Rock".
A cornerstone artist on the Burger Record Label, Apache's been living the dream since 2005 with releases on Birdman, Douchemaster and Savage. Apache's pop driven hard rock is a perennial fav of KUSF and WFMU's Terre T. Fan fav "Boy's Life" debuted as one of Alice Cooper's found sounds on "Nights with Alice". The song went on to inspire a gay boy's gang, the "BLK" Boys Life Krew. No joke, tattoos and all.
Taking their sound to the masses, Apache has logged miles and miles on tour. Traveling as far as Eastern Europe, they've opened for such acts as The Misfits, King Khan & The Shrines, the list goes on and on.
As an ever changing line-up orbits the heart of Apache, Carlos and Omar have shaped a fine tuned repertoire of classic Glam ditties.
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