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Dinos Boys


Listen to Be Low

Dinos Boys formally emerged from Brooklyn, NY in 2011 by Danny Song with members from the Stalkers and Nightbirds. Then had put their first song on a compilation with Oops Baby Records. Soon after Danny would move back to Atlanta and reform the group. Bringing in Chase Noles former lead singer of The Heart Attacks, Mike Koechlin from Predator & Beat Beat Beat, and Matt McCalvin formally of Gringo Star. With a solid line up they have been dominating the Atlanta garage punk scene and got noticed by Mark of Die Slaughterhaus Records(Black Lips, Gentleman Jesse, Coathangers). In 2012 the put their first 7inch out with Die Slaughterhaus. Now in 2013 they gear up and are in the final stages of finishing their debut LP with Oops Baby/Die Slaughterhaus. Some magazines describe them as "old school punk rock jostled by familar lager splatter of hooliganism" or "Hostage records and old TKO mixed with Teengenerate". Dinos Boys just wanna bring back that old 77 timeless punk sound.