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Los Vigilantes


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LOS VIGILANTES from San Juan, Puerto Rico are an explosive four piece band filled with fuzz guitars and catchy vocal arrangements bringing back a combination of 60’s rythms with droopy 50’s doo-wop back up vocals that will take you back to juvenile dancehall frenzy of the 60’s with a touch of Spanish punk rock. And swagger, lots and lots of swagger.

The band comes from a close knit Puerto Rican punk/garage scene developing in San Juan for the past few years that has called attention in America and Europe for their Spanish lyrics and interpretation of modern rock n roll revival! Playing with bands like Davila 666, Haunted George, Gaye Blades, Personal & the Pizzas, Gentlemen Jesse and His Men, Flamin Groovies, Turbo Fruits, Daddy Long Legs, The Barreracudas and Wau y los Arrrgs!!!, Los Vigilantes have played all around Puerto Rico and US for the past 3 years.

They embody a juvenile delinquent garage-punk smash.