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A Life Once Lost


On their first album in nearly five years, A Life Once Lost, which is now basically comprised of original members Robert Meadows (vocals) and Douglas Sabolick (guitar, bass on this record) along with new drummer Jordan Crouse, have once again reinvented themselves, taking their always mutating sounds into new and exciting directions.
On this record, they offer up a mixture of krautrock and African funk rhythms, heavy and droning psychedelic metal guitars and gruff unhinged vocals, which make this one of the heaviest drug trip records of the year. It manages to alter the listener’s state of mind, whether or not they are on any sort of substance. It’s like if Can decided to get really heavy. Kudos must be given to drummer Crouse, whose playing is exceptional, perfectly anchoring the rest of the band.
This is not to say that Meadows and Sabolick are slacking, either. Meadows delivers one of his most crazed vocal performances, giving these songs a menacing feeling. Sabolick must have a had a ball playing on this, because he just lets it all out there, unleashing all types of trance-like runs and solos with his guitar, taking the listener skyward with him.
So, once again, ALOL has gone in a different direction, as per their standard operating procedure, but instead of grousing, their fans should lap up this heavy, psychedelic record and give into its primal charms.