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When the brotherhood of Flagship gathers together to innovate more of their intricate, ethereal diacoustics, it’s a virtually effortless endeavor. Their sound is visionary and vivid, much like the minds and hearts behind the instruments. The band is made up of Drake Margolnick (vocals, guitar) Matthew Padgett (guitar, bgv) Michael Finster (drums, programming) Grant Harding (keys) and Chris Comfort(bass).

Margolnick's lofty melodies and contemplative lyrics are now carried to listeners by a band largely characterized by rapturous orchestral sounds. Padgett and Harding work closely together in creating underlying soundscapes -- cerebral and slow moving until met with the aggressive and often tribal rhythm section of drummer Michael Finster and bassist Chris Comfort.

Flagship is set to release their first full length album on Bright Antenna this spring. This new material is truly a maturation, and the musical step forward pays off beautifully, finding the band comfortably traversing varying territories ranging from the alternative tendencies of Grizzly Bear to the beautifully atmospheric swells of Sigur Ros and Arcade Fire, and even to the frenzied passion of fellow southerners Colour Revolt.