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After The Ice


Listen to Wake Up (demo)

This London based band was formed in 2009 by Paul Lisak, and soon released their debut EP, "It Happens All The Time". The band have toured Spain, France, Slovakia and more recently the Ukraine and Poland (including Przystanek).

After The Ice experienced a difficult period and various line-up changes, before they found new management in the UK, and following a trial period with a keyboard player, returned to the original three-piece idea in order to achieve more of a roots-rock and raw sound in the spirit of Cream and Jimi Hendrix Experience.

Lisak’s multi-layered guitar effects coupled with raw, gutsy rock riffs are perfectly punctuated with the grooved-out power drumming of Tomek-Tomek, and the climbing bass lines and fusion experimentalism of Hamzah Bashir Khan.

Singer and songwriter, Paul Lisak is a self-taught musician of Franco-Russian origin, who grew up in London. He is also a distinguished award-winning painter, who evokes memories of Caravaggio with his darkly, renaissance-like brush strokes. His style produces highly figurative paintings stooped in renaissance and baroque techniques, but firmly rooted in contemporary themes such as multiculturalism and the controversial war against terror..

In May 2012, the band were invited to support Polish folk-rockers Zakopower at the London HMV Forum and Birmingham HMV Institute, and more recently invited to Poland as guests of Coma on their 15th anniversary tour. Back home in UK, ATI are currently going from strength to strength on the London live circuit.

After The Ice are progressive, independent-minded and unashamedly populist. Their sound is an eclectic melting pot of sonic landscapes, a maelstrom of spinning ideas, and innovative incarnations combining to deliver harmonious, tightly packed rock songs, always driven by Paul Lisak's guitar.

The band is currently in the studio working on an EP for release in May.