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Mystic Knights of the Cobra


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The Bay Area’s best kept secret is coming out of the shadows. After years touring and recording as a local underground punk/rap/vaudeville “secret society”, Crockett, CA’s amazing musical carnival known as Mystic Knights of the Cobra (M.K.O.T.C.) has recently been lifted into the international limelight after news broke that one of their singer/rapper’s Lady Cobra , has appeared as a collaborator on the song “Nightlife” on the Green Day album, “Dos!”. She is also the muse for yet another track on the same album – a track named for her - entitled “Lady Cobra”.

In their 5+ years as a band, they have played with many successful local, national and international acts including Green Day, Classics of Love (feat. Jesse Michaels of Operation Ivy), Foxy Shazam, The Stripminers (members of X and The Donnas) and countless more incredible bands.

In 2013, the band released the a new EP "Fade To Pink" in honor of their late guitarist, Paul “Call Me Donny” Dominguez. The EP is receiving widespread critical acclaim from many press outlets and further strengthened the Cobras already avid and loyal audience. International tours further stirred up a louder buzz due to the band’s high-energy punk n’ roll stage performances.

Someone rewrite the Chinese calendar. 2013 is now the Year of the Cobra.