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The Low Lows


Founded in 2006 by Mangham Parker, the Low Lows are named after the final recording of NYC noise-pop trio Parker & Lily. They have released two full-length albums and one EP (Fire On The Bright Sky, 2006; Elizabeth Pier, 2008; and Shining Violence, 2009) and have toured extensively in the U.S. and Europe.

The magazine El Pais declared their latest Barcelona festival show "monstrously sad and brilliantly anachronistic..." while in London the BBC called their recent live radio performance "marvelous... absolutely beautiful... one of our favorite sessions of the year".

In various incarnations the Low Lows have ranged from simple trio to sprawling, 14-player live spectacle. Their current live show consists of a spartan five-piece semi-acoustic lineup, though recordings still tend to be wall-of-sound affairs. Residing previously in New York City and Athens, Georgia, they are now based out of Austin, Texas.

Recently the band has performed songs at the Flaming Lips-curated All Tomorrow's Parties Festival in New York and for Austin City Limits Stage Left Television. Their third and fourth full-length albums, "Gaudy Frame" and "Light All The Lights" are slated for sequential release in 2013.