This is the archived SXSW 2012 schedule. Please see the current schedule here.

SXSW Comedy: Stand Up! Records

Stand Up! Records presents our first SXSW showcase with a
comedic palate-cleansing for all you weary SXSW denizens who
can’t remember if you saw The Blind Shake or The Black Swans,
don’t know if you left your glasses at The Bat Bar or Club De
Ville, and are pretty sure you hit up Flatstock, but can’t find your
poster tube. With our track record of bringing fans groundbreaking
comedy from the likes of Lewis Black, David Cross, Patton
Oswalt, Marc Maron, and Maria Bamford, you’re sure to enjoy
this showcase’s carefully curated line-up featuring up and coming
comics who are sure to join the esteemed ranks of our legends. To
check out our artists, please visit or ask the
Internet. That series of tubes knows everything.

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