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Next Stage: BUILT - Talks By People Who Create


This year, Built goes to 11 with this exceptional lineup:

1. Shipping container conversions—Mark Meyer, designSTUDIOmodern
The ubiquity of the ISO shipping container has come home to roost, literally. We transform repurposed shipping containers into food trailers (an Austin meme to itself) as well as sustainable and hip residences.
2. Peptides and You—Joshua Allen, Microsoft
Five years ago, peptides were a closely-guarded secret of top athletes. Today, millions of people use peptides to reshape their bodies, improve their minds, and even spice up their relationships. Recent advances in computer-aided discovery, synthesis, and delivery systems are opening up new possibilities for peptides. Come see how this revolution in peptides could impact you.
3. Jam in the Van—Jake Cotler, Jam in the Van
We took an ordinary old Winnebago and turned it into a state of the art recording studio complete with a mobile mural. We film HD videos and record top notch sound in our Jam Van, and in a year have created a whimsical and wild ride that has enriched our lives and spawned loads of amazing music and art along the way.
4. Space and HD video collaboration—Scott Larson, Urthecast
UrtheCast will provide the world’s first ever, live HD video feed of Earth from space.
5. Land!—Eric Wicks
My wife and I constructed a 6-foot tall, 400 pound sign, to lay claim on the often overlooked american landscape. We dragged it through cow pastures, pulled it up mountains and hauled it over sand dunes. We got some pretty good photos and happened upon friendly airport police, segway riding mall cops and ranchers without teeth along the way. The best part is that we never left Texas (the climate moves from humid subtropical in the east to semi-arid/arid in the west).

6. Dataviz: Tunisia, the revolution and beyond—Khelil Ben Osman, Fhimt
A unique view of Tunisia, its population, the way internet is used in Africa's most connected country and why Tunisia was the perfect place to bootstrap the Arab spring.
7. Comfortable Nomadic Off Grid—Felicia Ballos & Ray Roy, TransitAntenna
Felicia and Roy's travels helped them figure out simple ways to be comfortable in a home made house on wheels. With environmentally conscious systems they built themselves, they love to share with others who want to live more responsibly and simply, but no less comfortably.
8. The (Digital) Place You Love Is Gone—Joe Sokohl
A look at how the destruction of our childhood and adolescent physical geographies has a profoundly negative impact on us. We feel loss, we feel disconnected, we feel the true pain of home (the root of the word "nostalgia").
9. The Semiotics of Thrift / The Substance of Thrift—Tiffani Jones Brown
A quick and dirty case for thrift. Specifically, for the "substance" of thrift. Tiffani will argue that the values implied by thrift are not merely hipster posturing, but in fact represent a deeper, realer set of values that most of us share.
10. Happiness is a Warm Snout—Nishant Kothary, Rainy Pixels
What is happiness? Philosophers, beggars, rap stars, porn stars, chihuahuas, models, bankers, graphic designers, economists, monks, and every other imaginable living being has been in pursuit of the answer to this question since the dawn of time. And, the seemingly infinite number of answers that manifest in a plethora of forms — from scriptures and self-help books, to investment strategies and cosmetic surgery — continue to befuddle us. Could this perplexing question that has cost countless lifetimes be explained in five minutes with nothing more than a few whimsical pictures of a Weimaraner? Come find out.
11. Rotting bits — What to do with 10 years of digital photos?—Matt Brown, Who Is Matt Brown.
I bought a digital camera in late 2002. I now have almost 200GB of digital photos. Tens of thousands of idle bits stuck on hard drives, completely silent. Browsing through them on a harddrive is an existential nightmare, but something must be done with these to tell a story of who I am. On the 10 year anniversary of my first photo, I plan to figure that out.

11 speakers in an hour with a DJs of the Sun backbeat keeping us on time, expect an a show that'll occupy your mind like Austin Grackles landing in a tree.

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