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Agnes Mercedes

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"Any other artist, dead or alive have ever made anything like this. It´s totally original! Agnes Mercedes creativity and very own expression is so great that one wonders if she is mad or brilliant, but however that may be these melodic tales are more than music. They are work of art". -Zero Music Magazine, Sweden

Last year Agnes Mercedes started this music project, and made a tour that included about 200 big venues and art galleries all over Sweden. Now her awaited debut album is here, filled with word gluttony and "pop-up-poems" as she call it herself. These melodic fairytales are told in her own made up language "sprak". This language is a mixture of forgotten dialects. Words with bitter-, sweet and sometimes salty aftertaste. All within a frame of "sprinkle sounscapes". To a beat of purcussion-like piano playing. She is singing with a voice that for one moment could sound like a cartoon, and the next second transform itself into a blue whale with water-tones in the songs...
She´s been making jingles for the Swedish Radio. Selling sound art for a lot of different art galleries in Sweden, such as "Kulturhuset Stockholm". Right now she´s composing music for a new documentary production, for the Swedish Television.

"Agnes Mercedes doesn´t sound like anyone else, or maybe like a extraterrestrial radio theater, in a melodic way. This is great art!" -The Swedish Radio

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