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Listen to Sueños

Orthy makes the kind of music you can’t help but fall in love with. A native of Austin, the singer and multi-instrumentalist continues a rich lineage of adventurous music that has long emanated from the Texan capital. Orthy’s singular brand of celestial pop is at once playful and profound, exuberant and exhilarating. On his stunning debut, Sueños, he channels everything from Bowie and The Beach Boys to Eno and Tom Petty with aplomb. And in just three songs no less.

"As debut EPs go, this three-tracker from new Wurst signings Orthy is remarkable. Variously coming on like a shoegazing version of Benoit & Sergio, a slacker take on DFA and a gorgeously emotional re-imagining of Smile-era Beach Boys, Orthy make eyes-wide-shut music that blends a laidback pop sensibility with smart dancefloor chops. It's the kind of music you'd like to listen to when the sun's coming up, but it feels equally at home on a dark and drizzly afternoon. There's something almost weirdly gothic about the supremely Balearic "Don't Believe", while lead cut "Suenos" is like some lost alt-pop classic - all echo-laden harmonies, brilliant melodies and pulsing electronic shuffle. Highly recommended."

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