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Eric Mikulak, also known as Click-Clack, is a 21 year old self produced hip-hop and r&b vocalist. Growing up in Austin, Texas, Eric was exposed to and submerged in all different styles of music from an early age. As years passed listening became an obsession and eventually was no longer satisfactory. At the age of 12 he began experimenting with beat production and vocal sampling. Soon after, the age of Macintosh arose, and garage band swiftly became the apple of his eye. As producing beats and recording ate in to his study time, it quickly transitioned from a hobby into an infatuation. At 17, Click-Clack attended Mediatech Institute of Recording Arts and began working with professional producing/recording tools. Presently, he uses a combination of Reason, Recycle and Protools and is entirely self sufficient is his creation process. Eric's driving beats provide the canvas for his emotional, opinionated lyrics. As the front man for several local bands, he has performed at many of Austin's most renown venues, including Stubb’s, The Mohawk, and The Parish. Now hitting the stage solo, his energy and stage presence combine to create a intense experience for viewers and listeners. GET YOU SUM.

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