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Moja Adrenalina

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Moja Adrenalina is first polish band to work with one of the most important and infuential producing duet in modern alternative music – Ross Robinson and Steve Evetts. New album demonstrates conventionally named by musicians „capitulation of language”.
Moja Adrenalina is: Piotr Leniewicz – bass, Rafał Modliński – guitar, Adam Adamczyk - vocal and Karol Ludew – drums. They are avant-garde band, with musical style placed somewhere between extreme noise, punk, jazz and polyrhythmics. They exist since 1999. Their debut album "nietoleruje-bije" released in 2004 (press said: "apocaliptic debut!", "...this album should be listed in Relapse catalogue") with legendary, unpredictable live shows (sometimes becoming a kind of a performance) made them one of the breakthrough Polish alternative bands in a last few years. They have been compared to Meshuggah or Converge but still remained their own style rooted in polish cold wave punk and experimental metal.
In 2010 tracks "nietoleruje-bije" and "y dopatrzenia" were used in last Jerzy Skolimowski’s movie with Vincent Gallo awarded at Venice Film Festival "Essential Killing”. Paweł Mykietyn - one of the greatest Polish composers, author of the movie’s music score said: “Moja Adrenalina is a futuristic band. They are self concious musicians, who hidden very interesting rhythmical and harmonic structures under a layer of noise”.

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