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The Soldier Thread

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The Soldier Thread is an indie pop-rock quintet hailing from Austin, Texas. Having been only patched together since late 2007, the ensemble has already undergone quite an alteration in style. Todd Abels (guitar, keyboard) and Justin McHugh (keyboard, guitar, backup vocals) set out from ambient origins to weave in the missing pieces. Close ties to Patricia Lynn (lead vocals, keyboard) and Drew Vandiver (drums) allowed for an easy joining of loose ends. With Chance Gilmore (bass guitar) eventually completing the chain, the group began to play shows in and around Austin, as well as throughout Texas. The release of In Spades in 2010 marked a shift from true indie sound to more polished, pop-driven tunes. The band went on their first national tour in May 2011, opening for Blue October, and landed the 101X Staff Pick with self-released single "Anybody." The integration of producer Dwight Baker served as the anchor stitch to complete the composite the group currently finds themselves in. Rumors of this particular trend unwinding further are validated by TST's present live set. Additionally, the band just recently recorded a new EP, expected to be released in early 2012.

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