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Young Scolla

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"I'm demanding the best, and I overachieve, so if I fall I will land on success." -- Young Scolla

The popular activity of labeling an artist and throwing his style into a singular genre need not be done when talking about Young Scolla. It's simply a waste of time.

For the young man that is the product of two Cameroonian parents, born in Memphis, and unabashedly raised and molded in Detroit, his entire life revolves around thinking outside the box and doing what others thought couldn't be achieved. Citing influences from the music world (J. Dilla, Michael Jackson, Jay-Z, Tupac, and Nas), literature (Rich Dad, Poor Dad, The 48 Laws of Power), and those closest to him (his mother, his peers), Scolla's background and passions are directly tied to the groundbreaking music he has created throughout his career.

Scolla's 5th solo project, the SMKA-produced "Seconds Away" (coming June 2011), is his most complete, wide-reaching work to date. It shows off his uncanny ability blend meaningful subject matter with impressive lyrical talents and a diverse set of musical styles.

While a Detroit rapper, singer, and producer at heart, Scolla hasn't let its borders confine him musically. His team, the RLES Society, includes artists from Pittsburgh (Devin Miles, Jo' Christo), West Virginia (Huey Mack), and Detroit (K-Bunz, GPitts, 80 Stacks), as well as his large fan base that sees as the most integral part of his success. He is represented and supported by Fab 5 Entertainment, a group of Pittsburgh transplants originally from Atlanta and Philadelphia. In addition to his team, he has made a point of working with a diverse set of artists from every corner of the country. This includes artists from hip-hop Meccas such as Atlanta (Aleon Craft, Pill), New York (Boogz Boogetz, D. Julien), Chicago (Mikkey Halsted, Brandun DeShay), and Los Angeles (Nipsey Hussle, Casey Veggies) to up-and-coming areas such as Pittsburgh (Mac Miller, Boaz) and Detroit (Big Sean, Quest MCODY) to lesser known hip hop hot spots, such as Alabama (Jackie Chain), Rhode Island (Mista Mista), and Cleveland (Machine Gun Kelly) and many, many more.

The work that Scolla has put in hasn't gone unnoticed by the movers and shakers of the music world. Scolla has been featured in over 200 online media outlets, including such prominent ones as The Source, Fader, DJ Booth, XXL, 2DopeBoyz, The Smoking Section, The Hip Hop Update, and Xclusives Zone. Also, in large part to the buzz surrounding his skills as a live performer, he has been invited to perform at Austin's SXSW Festival in 2010 and 2011, as well as Atlanta's A3C Festival in 2009 and 2010.

With accolades pouring in for Scolla on a regular basis, his love for his home has never wavered. Despite touring, promoting, and constantly recording, he finds time to remain an active member in the greater-Detroit community. Between volunteering at food banks, organizing drug awareness programs, and helping to launch events that highlight the talents and potential of Detroit youths, he truly is one of the city's finest sons and brightest stars.

Seconds Away is the next chapter in Young Scolla's story. The life he lives, the music he creates, and the passion in which it is all delivered will surely be a breath of fresh air for any music fan.

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