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Drop The Lime

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Let's be clear: the dance music revolution taking place isn't led by European 'superstar DJs' and Las Vegas-style VIP 'clubs'. The real sea change is happening at street level, spearheaded by next generation homegrown stars such as Manhattan native, Drop The Lime, aka Luca Venezia. 'Enter The Night' is his debut artist album.

Now emerging as a hotly tipped singer, songwriter, and guitar-wielding frontman, Drop The Lime first achieved notoriety as head honcho of New York's rowdiest DJ crew and record label, Trouble & Bass. Dressed in black and with his hair coiffed into a rockabilly-style quiff, Venezia, like the legions of fans who turn up to his shows, takes his visual cues from 1950's rock 'n' roll.

The latter also provides the key musical inspiration for his songs and productions. Brought up on a staple diet of Elvis Presley, Roy Orbison and Richie Valens, Drop The Lime learned to play guitar and sing from a young age. He then majored in Music at Bard College, taught by luminaries of experimental electronic music such as Moog pioneer Richard Teitelbaum and Laurie Anderson collaborator Bob Bielecki.

Fast-forward a few years and a love affair with club music - specifically the UK-centric sounds of grime, drum & bass, and 2step garage - soon began, solidified by a short move to Berlin and an immersion in house, techno and the never-ending warehouse parties the city is famed for. But the tattooed, Brylcreemed Venezia - every inch the '50s teen idol - never lost his love for the sounds he grew up with. Accordingly, his debut album, 'Enter The Night' draws parallels between dance music's own subcultural leanings, New York's historic gang culture, and the smoke-filled back rooms and underground drinking dens of rockabilly. The result is a cohesive soundtrack to late night rebellion, youth culture and the rhythmic pound of bass. Stay tuned.

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