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Moonmen on the Moon, Man

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Dude, OK honestly, it’s just another band. They’re great though: truly catchy, stripped down, but pummeling. Loud Fast Rules, tons o’ fun. Inter-twingling female/male lead vocals, Television-style licks that don’t sound anything like Television. It’s Rockist over-riffage, with nods to The Wipers, Wire and NZ kiwipop hither & dither. We are psyched to present to you their debut release! 8 songs, shot over the moon and back with us here in our hot hands.

In 2011 they celebrated their 3rd year in a row mentioned in one of those lists during CMJ that are like “20 dumbest-named bands during CMJ”.

Currently plays regularly at NYC venues such as Cake Shop, Death By Audio, Cameo Gallery, Public Assembly, Bruar Falls (RIP), Silent Barn (RIP), The Gutter, Matchless & bunch of homes.

Personnel: Andy Bodor [head booker and Co-Owner at Cake Shop, in NYC], Isabel Martin [ex Yellow Fever, Robots Please], and first-time drummer Roxanne Lange.

Current lineup: Andy Bodor, Isabel Martin, Jim Campbell [Paper Fleet], Mister Chen [Jenny & The Holzers].

“Moonmen on the Moon, Man specializes in fizzy, super-concise garage punk—the kind that compels you to hop around like a caffeinated grade-schooler.”
-Time Out NY 1/12

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