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The Wilderness of Manitoba

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Reviewing a recent show in London, a UK music blog wrote that the Wilderness of Manitoba displayed "a natural, unique sound that proves the creativity of this modern folk outfit and the places they are leading the genre". In 2011, the Canadian band toured the U.S. four times, Canada once and performed in Germany and the UK. In the process, they became a more dynamic live band with their trademark four part harmonies and various multi-instrumentalists. To understand The Wilderness of Manitoba, you have to go to a music-filled house in Toronto, Canada where most of the band lived. The studio in the basement is where they recorded the majority of their current album, "When You Left The Fire", and the "barn" in the backyard is where they played their first live shows. The intimacy of the house and the band's emphasis on a vocals first approach has helped shape their timeless sound.

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