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The Black Ryder

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With auspicious sensual textured layers of melody and guitars, both Scott Von Ryper and chanteuse Miss Aimee Nash weave a densely rich tapestry of love, sex and death, mountains, oceans and astral travel.

They indicate the way to the heart of life, the centre of our humanity in ritual space, in crafted chords, in veiled waves of sonic tone and drone. Rich dangerous opiated swirling attacks on the third eye lysergic and lupine in equal measure. Once drawn in by this perfume its essence stays with the listener forever.

There is only one way to truly experience the journey and that is to listen to their debut album 'Buy the Ticket, Take the Ride'.

Self-produced, self-funded, self-realized. An act of necessity formed in earnest from the ashes…. Nash + Von Ryper locked themselves away to create this beautiful set of recordings.

We are struck by Aimee's beauty and Scott's sartorial gaze. They are assassins of experience of deep exploration broadcasting direct from the palace of wisdom. (i. astubury)


The Black Ryder is essentially a collaboration, Australian duo Aimee Nash & Scott Von Ryper, co-founded 2007, featuring special guests + players + friends.

To date, the band have toured / played shows with Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, The Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Cult, The Raveonettes, The Charlatans, Spectrum (Pete Kember of Spacemen 3), Broken Social Scene + Tamaryn.

Nash & Von Ryper relocated to Los Angeles in September 2010 where they are currently based.

Their debut album ‘Buy The Ticket, Take the Ride’ was released through Mexican Summer (USA), EMI Music / The Anti-Machine Machine (Nash + Von Rypers' own record label) in Australia, & Vinyl Junkie in Japan.

Nash + Von Ryper wrote, engineered + produced the album themselves with special guests, including: ricky maymi (brian Jonestown massacre), peter hayes + leah shapiro (black rebel motorcycle club), graham bonnar (swervedriver) and more. They are currently working on their second album and other soundtrack / film scoring projects.

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