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Listen to Can't Afford

While I.U.D.M. has enjoyed a reputation as the most successful rock band in Israel for nearly two decades; earning no less than 5 platinum or gold selling albums-a best selling double live CD and DVD; charting a scores of number one singles, at the same time performing to legions of rock/hardcore fans throughout the world- and sharing the stage with the likes of Rage Against the Machine & Metallica- or headlining festivals to the tune of 45,000 concert goers at-a-time; reputations aren't everything.

"We see our band like an extension of our own families" TT (Lead Vox) the pint sized soft spoken blonde says, "We actually spend more time with the band, than our own family; performing live and making rock'n'roll records has really become a way of life". Not a bad life indeed; While her bandmate/husband Tom adds; "music is the only thing that makes sense for us really, if you look at all the craziness flying over our heads today, with wars and conflicts everywhere, this band is really our only sanctuary".

Always up for a new challenge- the veteran rockers' began working on a new project which is almost 24 months in the making; something to appease their international fan base while raising the bar as musicians. "We are really stoked about this latest album; for I.U.D.M. this was really a passion project that took a lot of time to craft; and I hope we've nailed it", Yahav(the band's drummer) explains.

He is talking about their upcoming record (Yet To Be Titled) that is set to drop later this year; as the band plans to make their next tour and album debut stateside- I.U.D.M. is best known for their marathon live shows' leaving the crowd in a frenzy and totally floored-earning loyal fans consistently, whether its a club gig or one of their signature epic stadium shows'. This seven piece rock juggernaut aka I.U.D.M. stylings are akin to acts like Evanescence or System of A Down, genre mixing between metal, loud rock, and heavy melodic ballads- the band arrives at SXSW this March 13th 2012; its time you've heard what everybody else already knows.

The band consists of two emcee's - drums - bass- 3 guitars and keyboard; dont' worry, they will be dropping by a city near you soon enough; but you can hear them first /

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