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Marriage is Nate Cross, Alex LaRoche, Mike Kanin, Greg Piwonka, and Jeff Piwonka.

The band formed in 2010 after Nate, Greg, Jeff, and Mike went looking for a singer. They got more than that when Alex joined and began to play drums. Mike (formerly of DC's Black Eyes on Dischord Records; also of Expensive Shit) also plays drums. Nate (of When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth and Expensive Shit and way back when Awesome Cool Dudes) plays bass, keyboards and drums. Brothers Jeff and Greg (formerly of the Jimmy Buffet Exxxperience; also of Expensive Shit) play bass, and guitar and drums, respectively. Greg also sings.

Marriage self-released a limited run of 30 hand lathed 7" records which sold out on tour. There will be a small repress of said 7" soon. There is also a tour tape (ed. of 50) of which a handful are left. Marriage will be recording more shortly for another 7" and a full length LP both to be released mid to late 2012.

We will continue to tour a handful of times in 2012 as well. We've already played shows in austin and on tour with the likes of: Cave, Pterodactyl, Ital, Edie Sedgewick, The Coathangers, The Young, White Denim and many more.

plus an awesome old german dude once told us we sounded like Neu!

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