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Hands is an Indie Rock band out of Los Angeles consisting of four members: Geoffrey Halliday, Ryan Sweeney, Sean Hess and Alex Staniloff. Each member has distinct strengths and disciplines that coalesce into a truly unique sound worthy of recent praise from the music industry and beyond.

Hess’ technical authority and profound sense of tempo are a rare pairing, while Staniloff provides solid complementary bass thumps and the occasional auxiliary drum bringing the intensity of Hands’ live performance to a fever pitch. The interplay of Sweeney’s often esoteric guitar riffs and Halliday’s soaring tenor is further expanded upon by the various sampling and looping techniques they employ in order to craft a blissfully fresh sound.

It would seem nothing is holding this band back from becoming an appreciated group of musicians with something new to say, and a truly special way of saying it. Scoring a slew of opening spots for the likes of Deerhoof, DeVotchKa, Foster the People and more, Hands is bracing for a big 2012.

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