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Electric Flower

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Electric Flower Group is a new band featuring Imaad Wasif's vocal and guitar exorcisms and Josh Garza's pummeling beats. They are two men that sound like an orchestra of the damned. Their songs have an immediate and tangible impact on the contemporary pop musical landscape. Artifice is devalued; pure emotion is king. Electric Flower Group are on a journey through a modern kaleidoscope of rock 'n' roll, transcending mainstream influence and incorporating strong minimalist elements into their modern psychedelic music. They wake the ghosts of rock's most daring days, while never following them. Wasif has previously released three solo albums, including 2010’s highly acclaimed “The Voidist,” and has established himself as one of the L.A. underground’s most electrifying guitar players. Josh Garza, a Texas native and the drummer of Secret Machines, is widely recognized for his fearless sound, channeling the spirit of Bonham and the space between the beats.

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