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BONAPARTE performed a first show in october of 2006 on trash found in the backstage area of now legendary bar25 in berlin, germany. after their first album "too much" (2008) became an independent hit they emerged from the underground berlin club-culture and developed into a wild rocknroll-trash-punk circus performing up to a hundred shows a year touring extensively around europe, russia or down under. they are fully self-produced and self-managed, writing and producing their music, creating their artowork and stage-costumes as well as photography and videos. in 2011, after having performed at some of the biggest european festivals such as "rock am ring", "roskilde" or "hurricane/southside" they released a kaleidoscopic portrait of the tour to their second album "my horse likes you" (2010): a feature film called "0110111 - Quantum Physics & A Horseshoe" (Staatsakt/Warner).

liner-notes from "remuched" album:
"the ridiculous endeavor of starting a circus was suggested to me by my therapist dr. minski wellington upon my release from the private siamese pseudo clinic for lobsterpossesiveobssesivecompulsive disorder in the mountains of southern france. after having to play the role of fake tigers, whips and rings of fire all at once, slowly the word started to spread amongst the unemployed superhero community and other long forgotten tradesmen. fluffy creatures hopped on the fire engine red steam train and joined in the fun, leaving their former lives of hardship behind without a single care in the world. some of them thought they were animals but in reality they were vegetables, others were obsessed with wurst or suffered from severe fruit salad paranoia, some were besotted with commanders of ancient empires, yet another was enslaved to himself for years in a mexican dungeon, one used to raise spirits on slave boats in the south pacific, another introduced the panamanian salsa invasion which resulted in the reappearance of the great bubonic plague and another was so traumatized and lethargic upon his induction he could neither get his stripes together nor finish his own sentences. stripping skeletons, giant dwarfs, bloody banshees, highly penetrated lemmings, out of order lampshade squids, extinct mescal minarets… the word circus bore witness to a most sweaty, slippery and sexmerising renaissance, where only one rule survived: the first born belongs to the circus."

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