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Fat Tony

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"You know about [Fat Tony] houston's best kept secret.. tell him I told you." - Bun B

"While the history of the rap game is studded with commanding voices, big characters, and large bodies -- think Big Pun and Fat Joe -- few have worked out their food issues in rhyme so wittily and weirdly." - LA Weekly

"Email blasts / press releases are the last thing that would ever make me want to listen to actual music. But Fat Tony’s came peppered with such casual awesomeness that I had to check out his free album. It is solid!" - Nick Catchdubs [Fool's Gold Records]

"Texas-bred Fat Tony ascends the rich & ripe Houston underground to lead a brave new generation of Southern rappers... Fat Tony brings a wealth of unique perspective as a first generation Nigerian-American raised in the South and overall live dude. But quite frankly, all frills talk aside, goddamn he can rap! And Goddamn these beats are like smoking 3 blunts, drinking a 4 of lean, popping some adderall and then going to the hood skating rink for Tasha’s sweet 16 in the year 2222. He raps like a nigga that read a book before but a nigga nonetheless.” - RABDARGAB Press Release

"Over 808 drums and pitch bent synths, Tony tells stories of youthful misconduct and skin-deep love through his machine gun drawl. His cynical wit is woven into every bar..." - Noisey | Vice Magazine

"Tony brings people together in a way no entertainer [Houston Press] has ever seen, and he's ours, Houston's, and thank God for that. Known for legendary freestyle battles with some of the city's most feared and respected MC's, Fat Tony shocked the shit out of rhyming alphabeticals. [At Sunday's Music Awards Showcase], there was no one even close to his level of brilliance." - Houston Press Rocks Off Blog

Nigerian-American rapper from Houston, Texas.

Fat Tony won the 2010, 2009 and 2008 Houston Press Music Awards' Best Underground Hip Hop award, and has been recognized in URB's Next 1000, a list of emerging new artists anticipated to breakthrough.

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