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Japanese Gum

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Japanese Gum is an experimental psychedelic Italian duo originally from Genova born in the spring of 2005.
The band consists now of Davide Cedolin, Paolo Tortora, with some live collaborators and performers.
JG music is characterized by wall of echoed sounds, hypnotic vocals, electronic glitch beats mixed with natural drums and live loops, but it’s not right to define their sound into a specific kind: the band is always looking for new developments and different sound solutions; from the first release “Talking. Silently e.p.” (Marsiglia Records), focused on an ambient-glitch type of soundscapes, to “Without you I’m napping”, oriented to massive shoegazing guitars melted with psychedelic obsessive loops and first real percussions ever.
During the sessions for the first full-lenght, Japanese Gum put some unreleased tracks/versions together with few friends’ remixes into “Lost in weirdness” (remixes by Isan, Die Stadt der Romantische Punks, Eniac…) released for the Turin based label Chew-Z.
The full-lenght album “Hey Folks! Nevermind, we are all falling down” has been released in september 2009 by the japanese label Friend of Mine records, and it’s a perfect balanced combo of liquid atmosphere, droning guitars, suspended vocals, electronic patterns and real drums; many featuring on this album, such Freddie and Chiara Lee from Father Murphy and Blown Paper Bags. On september 2010 some new stuff: "End Of Summer e.p." has been free released on the band website and then also published as 200 handmade 3"CDR edition featuring Daniele Carretti from Offlaga Disco Pax, Stark Vision Of The Morning and Greta Liscio from Still Leven. After the European tour that crossed Slovenia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Norway, Denmark and France, during November 2010, Japanese Gum started to work on new compositions that will be included into two new releases expected for 2011/2012, one e.p. and the second full-lenght, "High Dreams", produced by Scott Colburn (Animal Collective, Arcade Fire, Sun City Girls, Prince Rama).
By the years, Japanese Gum has toured and played with artists such Victory at Sea, A Hawk in an Hawksaw, CRTVTR, Prince Rama of Ayodhya, Stafræn Hákon, port-royal, Judith Juillerat, Giardini di Mirò, Saroos, Europ Europ, Mindy Misty, Library Tapes, A Classic Education, Far From Tellus, Bodycode, Shackleton, Tempelhof, Sea Dweller, Matteah Baim, Jenniferever and many others and toured in USA for the first time last September.

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