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Artist Central Music Video Feedback Session (w/ Andrew WK, Emmett Malloy, Jacqueline Castel)

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Artists: Got a great music video that deserves attention? Want feedback from successful artists and industry pros? Join us in the Artist Central room for an hour-long session, where our panel co-hosted by Andrew WK will be viewing and giving critiques, opinions, and feedback on your submitted music videos. As a corollary to our very popular Demo Listening Sessions, musicians can sign up with a link to their video 30 minutes prior to the panel (artists must be present to submit), we will draw from the user-submitted video entries at random, play the video on a projector, and our three panelists will give their opinions, what they liked, and what could be better.

No guarantees are made that all submissions will be reviewed, and speakers will view as much of the video as they deem necessary to form their comments. They provide their opinions both for the artists and for the rest of the registrants on the panel. Their opinions reflect the range of reactions that these professionals have, and are intended to be constructive. Please treat the speakers with respect. It is at the discretion of the speakers whether or not to engage in dialogue directly with the artist during the session.

We look forward to a fun, helpful time with three really outstanding panelists at our first-ever Music Video Feedback Session. SEND YOUR VIDEO LINKS TO:


Andrew W.K. Andrew WK

ANDREW W.K. - The King of Partying

Andrew W.K.’s true will is to party. And when it's time to party, he will always party hard.  His mission is creating energized joy, physical euphoria, loving fun, endless enthusiasm, infinite possibility, and pure party pleasure.

Born in California in 1979, Andrew is a multi-faceted musician and performer, most famous for his bloody nose, all white clothes, and positive party attitude.  Starting his musical career at age 4 with classical piano lessons, he went on to create his own brand of extremely high-energy rock 'n' roll music.  His father, James E. Krier, is a Law Professor at the University of Michigan, and Andrew grew up in the free-thinking Midwestern town of Ann Arbor.  After having been accepted to The Art Institute of Chicago, he decided not to go to college, and instead, at age 18, moved to New York City to pursue his destiny on his own terms.  

Andrew has since released numerous EPs and singles, and four full-length albums, including his now infamous debut, "I Get Wet", featuring the worldwide smash single, "Party Hard".  He's more recently expanded into a Grammy-nominated record producer and remixer for artists such as, Lee "Scratch" Perry, Steve Aoki, Current 93, Good Charlotte, Sightings, Aleister X,  and Cherie Lily.  In addition to music work, he's become a beloved personality on television and radio, hosting three seasons of Cartoon Network's "Destroy Build Destroy" live-action game show, which quickly became the #1 show for boys on all of TV.  In 2008 Andrew and his friends opened an 8,000 square foot concert venue and nightclub in downtown Manhattan called Santos Party House.  His most recent music release is the double album, “Close Calls With Brick Walls / Mother of Mankind”, and he’s currently working on a brand new album for release next  year.  In the meantime, 2012 marks the 10th anniversary of Andrew's "I Get Wet" album, and he's celebrated with the biggest headlining tour of his career.  Andrew still lives in New York City, near Times Square and his party has only just begun.

Emmett Malloy Dir BIG EASY EXPRESS

Jacqueline Castel An Evening With Sacred Bones Records

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