This is the archived SXSW 2012 schedule. Please see the current schedule here.

Social Media Best Practices for Musicians

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Facebook and Twitter. Pretty much every panel at SXSW will be talking about them to some degree, and you know how valuable and vital they can be to a musical career and a musician's connection to fans. But just having an account isn't enough, and today there are unspoken rules and powerful tools that you can harness with each network. How do you get noticed? How do they differ? But what are the best ways to connect without annoying fans? Our expert speakers will explore social marketing best practices, étiquette on a small scale, and tailor their talks to one social network.

Carl Jacobson of Nimbit will speak for 30 mins on Facebook, followed by Todd Tate of SF MusicTech Summit speaking for 30 mins on Twitter. Expect a LOT of great tips and guidance for musicians on these crucial networks.


Carl Jacobson VP of Mktg Nimbit Inc

Carl Jacobson is the VP of Marketing at Nimbit, Inc, provider of the premier platform for promoting and selling your music on Facebook. He was previously VP of Marketing for Cakewalk by Roland. Carl has written articles on Facebook marketing and promotion for bands that have appeared in Electronic Musician, ASCAP Playback, Mashable, and on Hypebot. Carl speaks regularly on technology and advice for musicians with past appearances at Belfast Music Week w. the MTV EMAs, CMJ, ASCAP I Create Music Expo, NAMM, AES, and Intel's IDF.

Todd Tate Community Architect SF MusicTech Summit

As the Community Architect for the SF MusicTech Summit, Todd has cultivated sponsors, attendees and panelists since the inaugural Summit. Todd is a Web and social media strategy consultant who gets his hands dirty producing websites and viral apps for bands and brands. Todd also stays busy providing business development assistance to various Web music technology companies. Todd was also COO and co-founder of Angry Coffee, which launched the first publicly-available web-based interface to Napster and Napster-like networks as the Internet emerged as a musical force. Todd studied jazz composition and arranging at San Jose State, and went on to log many hours as an audio engineer, earning engineering credits for a Grammy-nominated recording. Todd will be soon performing live again with his acts Life Love Misery and Sayla Dobro.

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