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The Importance of Latin Presence in Music Festivals

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A number of US, Canadian and European acts have discovered festival touring opportunities in Latin America and most, if not at all, are doubling or tripling their fan base. Programmers for those festivals are continuously outbidding one another to confirm an artist, while in the US, festival programmers are simply opening a slot or two to include an ethnic artist, often at the lowest fee for an act. What is the vision for the future of these festivals, and where do the artists fit in?


MODERATOR Fabrizio Onetto Artist Mgr/A&R OCESA-SeiTrack

Gerry Rosado Dir Discos Intolerancia

Edoardo Chavarin Art Dir NACO USA LLC

Paulo Andre Moraes Co-Founder

Carlos Verastegui Partner ACHE Producciones

Marketing Guru, Master of the universe.... just kidding.
Im parther of ACHE one of the biggest BTL & MKT agencies in México with clients such as Coca cola, Jose Cuervo, Corona, Unilever, etc.
Also promoter that as brought to México the biggest indie bands like Chemical Brothers, Iggy and The Stooges, Incubus, Arctic Monkeys, Unkle and many others.

In the last year we open BREAK our ad network and publishing area that is in charge of FILTER México and Time out México two of the biggest editorial licenses.

So far so good, lets talk.

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