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None More Black: How Extreme Can Metal Go?

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Metal music and culture has, from the beginning, intended to push the boundaries of socio-political-religious discourse and sound ever-darker and ever more extreme. But where has that put the genre, and where does it go from here? At what point do we hit the sonic extremes/limits and devolve into chaos? Is that okay? Is that the point? What does the future hold for extreme music?


MODERATOR Ben Umanov Editor-In-Chief MetalSucks

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Mike Schleibaum Guitarist Darkest Hour

Chuck Loesch Metal Dir/Studio Engineer 101X/No Control Radio

A fifteen year vet of the radio business, host of a moderately succesful Metal radio show, NO CONTROL Radio, and the mastermind behind the HD2 Metal channel it spawned, I have been finding a way to keep moving forward in the radio and music industry without starving. So far, so good.

Steven Joh A&R Century Media Records

Bob Lugowe Dir of Prom, Pres Relapse Records

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