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Sex on the Web – The Sabotage of Relationships?

People want to confess who they are to someone, anyone. And they want to discover who they are through that dialogue. Bonding occurs through disclosure and empathetic acceptance of that disclosure, as a result of confession. It is the basic transaction of relationships. The producers of the Austin-based performance series BedPost Confessions will discuss ways in which sexual content on the Internet helps facilitate the forming of new relationships, assists in transforming relationships, and explore how accessibility to such content might also sabotage them. We will examine the following questions and will also open the session for questions at the end.

Issues addressed in this session will include:

-- Has the Internet helped us become more sexually open or just lonelier?
-- How is the flow of sexually explicit images and conversation impacting the way we define commitment in a modern relationship?
-- Does online sexual correspondence via sexting, Facebook, Twitter etc. sabotage relationships or help them?


Julie Gillis Co-Producer BedPost Confessions

Mia Martina Co-Producer Bedpost Productions LLC

Mia Martina is a writer, smut podcaster, and producer. Mia began recounting her sex-party and open-relationship adventures for her podcast "I Want Your Sex" which has grown a steadfast and loyal fan base on iTunes.

After 10 years in New York City, Mia relocated to Austin, Texas, where she established BedPost Confessions, a monthly reading series about sex and sexuality, with three other writers. A podcast version can be found on iTunes.

Through her work, Mia looks to inspire people to explore their sexuality and to be open to new experiences. She has taught workshops on non-monogamy, and loves getting feedback about people taking bold steps in their sexuality, whatever that means for them. Aside from the Library of Congress indexing her tweets, Mia's writing can be found on Fearless Press, Nerve, and Ravenous Romance. A Year of Sex: Tales of New York City's Erotic Underground marks Mia's first long form memoir.

Rosie Q Bedpost Productions LLC

Sadie Smythe Co-producer BedPost Confessions

Sadie Smythe is a sex and relationships writer and the author of the book Open All the Way: Confessions From My Open Marriage. She is an advocate for sexual freedom, a BedPost Confessions co-producer, a mother of a supercool kid, a student of psychology and sociology, and a polyamory consultant ... among other things.

In her spare time, she sleeps.

Sadie's work can be read at That's What Sadie Said, Good Vibrations Magazine, Fleshbot, The Examiner and She Loves Sex. Sadie can be heard on iTunes and BlogTalk Radio, and you can find her onstage monthly at BedPost Confessions in Austin, Texas.

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