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The Final Frontier of Reverse Engineering

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You are turing computable. Yet the three pounds in your head is orders of magnitude more powerful than all the silicon based compute power on earth, draws between 20 and 40 watts, and we have almost no clue how it works. In the coming decade, we will get our first glimpses into this magic box, and unveil age old questions such as the nature of consciousness. Coming from a reverse engineering background, I will propose some experiments to finally start cracking the problem open. Imagine implanting a communications cortex into brains before the regions are specialized. Envision a high bandwidth pipe into the seat of consciousness. Forget virtual reality, what if we mess with the brain's data structures on a lower level? I hope to leave you with a vision of what will be possible; the coming merger of man and machine may be crazier than we all think. 



George Hotz

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