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Richard Garriott’s Continuing Space Mission

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Internationally-recognized Austin-based game-developer Richard Garriott talks about many of the concepts explored in his documentary film "Man on a Mission." This solo presentation will cover how the commercial space industry (as led by many in the new media industry) is changing the future. A member of the civilian NASA Advisory Council as well as the Commercial Spaceflight Federation, Garriott will also discuss what NASA and others are doing now, and why we should all be excited to play games from the surface of Mars sooner than you think!



Richard Garriott Creative Dir Portalarium Inc

Richard Garriott made history in October 2008 by becoming the first second-generation astronaut to fly to space when he traveled to the International Space Station. Today he’s one of the world’s leading experts on private/commercial space travel. Richard earned legendary status in the video game industry early in his career with his design of the Ultima role-playing games, one of the most successful computer game series ever. Today he is co-founder of Austin-based social and mobile game developer and publisher, Portalarium.

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