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Artists in Labs: Participatory Design at Eyebeam

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Eyebeam Art & Technology Center provides a context for creative collaboration and the cross-pollination of ideas & practice. In our lab at any given time, there are up to 20 resident artists onsite at our 15,000 sq-ft facility, developing work for open dissemination through online, primarily open-source, publication. Three Eyebeam fellows will discuss their work, how they blend creative strategies & technology to build communities, share information, and create spaces for play & participation. Kaho Abe will present her work with youth and adults to demystify the black box of consumer electronics and create their own custom interfaces for games and play. Nova Jiang will present recent projects that leverage individual desire with risk & reward to create a low barrier for entry and increased participant investment. Jon Cohrs will share insights into his work combining tactical media, software and DIY interventions with location-based experiences to engage participants in meaningful dialogue about social issues.



Jon Cohrs Fellow Eyebeam Art & Technology Center

Jon Cohrs is a recording engineer and visual artist based in Brooklyn, NY. Often employing humor and absurdity, his work uses public engagement and site-specific interventions to address global issues. Recently, he created OMG I’m on .TV; an analog Pirate TV station that filled the void left behind by the digital transition. OMG TV was used as a reference in a Supreme Court amicus brief on creativity and copyright. He has taught at Parsons The New School for Design, as a visiting artist at Colorado College, and will be teaching at SUNY Purchase in the Film + Media department in January 2012. He has just completed a fellowship at Eyebeam Art + Technology Center and is currently working on a film about artificial flavoring and the New Jersey Meadowlands call the "The Spice Trade Expedition".

His work has been shown at Ars Electronica, FutureEverything, Ditch Projects, 2010 Vancouver Olympics, The Total Museum, and discussed in numerous publications such as BoingBoing, Deutsche Welle, Neural Magazine, Make Magazine, Furtherfield, We Make Money Not Art, PSFK, and Gizmodo among others. | |

Kaho Abe Fellow Eyebeam Art & Technology Center

Kaho Abe is currently the Artist in Residence at the Game Innovation Lab at NYU-Poly where she researches and builds games that utilize technology to bring people together face to face. Some of her projects include Hit Me!, Mary Mack 5000 and Ninja Shadow Warrior. Kaho's work is largely focused on improving social and personal experiences through the use of technology, fashion and games. Her projects have appeared in shows and conferences in NYC, Boston, San Jose, the UK, Greece, China and Japan, and have been discussed in various publications including I.D. Magazine, Kill Screen Magazine, CNET News, NBC, NY1 and Asahi Shimbun. Kaho teaches classes and workshops on designing and building alternative physical game controllers, and co-hosts a monthly playtesting event with Come Out and Play at Eyebeam Art & Technology Center. She holds a MFA in Design & Technology from Parsons the New School for Design and was formerly a Fellow at Eyebeam.

Nova Jiang Fellow Eyebeam Art & Technology Center

Nova Jiang’s current projects focus on sharing the tools of artistic production as well as methodologies for creative thinking. Her projects are open systems that explore new forms of participation and the uncommon connections between different fields of cultural production. She was born in Dalian, China, in 1985 and is currently based in New York. She holds a MFA from the Design Media Art Department, University of California, Los Angeles. She is the recipient of an Eyebeam Fellowship, a Skowhegan Fellowship, a Black Rock Arts Foundation Grant, a Sculpture Space Grant and a Wave Hill Van Lier Visual Artist Fellowship. She has exhibited at Sundance, 01SJ Biennial, MediaLab Prado, Sonar, Glow, TEDActive, Japan Media Arts Festival, Milan Public Design Festival and Transitio_MX.

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