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Social Media Cures Cancer and Speaks for Survivors

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In 1997, the Lance Armstrong Foundation was created by the cancer survivor and champion cyclist to serve people affected by cancer. Now known publicly by its powerful brand – LIVESTRONG – the organization is a leader in the global movement on behalf of 28 million people around the world living with cancer.

LIVESTRONG's CEO, Doug Ulman, is one of the most followed CEO's on Twitter with more than 1 million followers. Evolving side-by-side with social media, a large part of the success and following of LIVESTRONG comes from the nonprofit’s utilization of online networking over the years. In 2009 at the BlogWorld Conference the hashtag #BeatCancer was used to set a Guinness World Record with over 209,000 mentions in 24-hours.

Cancer is the world’s number one killer globally. Ulman and LIVESTRONG continue to utilize channels of communication that will help spread the LIVESTRONG message on a worldwide scale. Proving itself a useful weapon, viral is key in the fight against the disease.

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