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No Brochures: Digital Storytelling for Nonprofits

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Storytelling is an inherently key aspect of non-profit business. Donors deserve to know how their gifts are having an impact; potential donors need to know how they can make a difference. But are non-profits truly "thinking digital" when it comes to getting their stories noticed? Are we stuck in brochure mode? The next generation of philanthropists—and beyond—is comprised of digital natives, far more accustomed to non-linear interactive storytelling and far more comfortable with a touchscreen than a staple-bound booklet. Donors are expecting to see complex, layered data presented in the form of colorful, entertaining, easily digestible media. This panel will discuss and explore alternate approaches to get your story noticed across a range of digital platforms.



Joe Lambert Exec Dir Center for Digital Storytelling

Joe founded the Center for Digital Storytelling (with Nina Mullen and Dana Atchley) in 1994. He and his colleagues developed a unique computer training program that today is known as the Digital Storytelling Workshop. Joe has traveled the world to spread the practice of digital storytelling and has authored and produced curricula in many contexts, including the Digital Storytelling Cookbook, and Digital Storytelling: Capturing Lives, Creating Community.

Born and raised in Texas, Joe has been active in the Bay Area arts community for the last twenty-five years as an arts activist, producer, administrator, teacher, writer, and director. In 1986, he co-founded Life On The Water, a successful non-profit production company. Joe has produced over 500 shows, ranging from theatrical runs, single performances, special events, citywide festivals, conferences, and digital story screenings. Prior to his career in the arts, Joe was trained as a community organizer and assisted in numerous local, statewide, and national public policy campaigns.

Michael Borum Web Mgr Oxfam America

I'm a digital communications manager and strategist with 18 years experience helping corporate, non-profit, and fine art clients achieve success online. I've been with Oxfam America for five years and am excited by the potential for digital communications to revolutionize how non-profit NGOs operate, deliver services, campaign for change, and communicate with donors and supporters.

Roger Black Principal Treesaver Company Inc

Roger Black

For 40 years, working with magazines like Rolling Stone, for newspapers like The New York Times and web sites like, Roger Black has been developing ways to communicate content more effectively. His teams have redesigned Reader's Digest, Esquire, Scientific American, the Los Angeles Times and The Washington Post.

Black has been working on web sites since 1995, and was involved with some early influential designs, including and @Home Network. Now he is design director of Nomad Editions, a group of digital weeklies.

In the last year he helped launch four new companies: Webtype, Treesaver, Ready-Media and Nomad Editions. A partner in the Font Bureau and Danilo Black, both founded in 1989, he works from small studios in New York and Austin.

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