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How to Write an RFP for Social Media

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Every day we meet companies who realize the importance of participating in social media but have no idea how to begin.

“What department does social media live in; Marketing, IT, PR, Customer Support?”

“What type of commitment of resources and budget do I need?

“Can’t we just hire a college student to do this?”

“How do we measure success?”

With all these questions, it is no wonder defining the need has become so challenging. Some companies are finding themselves “stuck” before they even begin! How to Write an RFP for Social Media will walk you through the process of creating an RFP that clearly identifies your company's business objectives and leads you to an ROI.

You will learn how to:
- state your needs
- identify resources
- define requirements
- determine timelines
- evaluate measurement
- share budgets

You will come away with a clear outline for how to meet your individual goals with a template worksheet to ensure you are asking yourself the right questions throughout the process.


Beth Mulhern Exec Dir, Digital Mktg Verison

Kendall Morris Partner, Mktg Create Digital

Entrepreneur and emerging media specialist. Practiced speaker and educator who trains Fortune 100 corporations in social media best practices. Well-versed in creating and executing online marketing and communication strategies. Proven track record in building online social communities, engaging our client's customers to build brand loyalty while tracking and measuring the ROI in social media initiatives. Experienced in customer retention marketing and relationship building at all levels, with the ability to thrive in versatile work environments.

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